Dodge Challenger  (1970-1974)

Dodge Challenger RT Hemi (1970)

This car was converted for Vice City, for the website by Pumbars. The original model was created for NFS4 by Icekid & Venom, and later converted to GTA by NRG.

This model has been altered slightly to fit within the heirarchy structure of San Andreas, and to work fully with the game's features. It has damage models still from the original, and is carcols compatible. It can be modded at Transfenders to gain spoilers, side skirts, oval and square hood vents, roof scoop, hood scoop, and three choices of nitros. It took a lot of work to get it to work in Transfenders, as well as converting it into San Andreas. I take no credit for the original model, or it's original textures. But I do take credit for painstakingly converting it into San Andreas, and painstakingly modifying it to be Transfenders friendly. The wheels are perfectly sized, and are NOT the original wheels from the model. These wheels were found on a free modelling site and replace the originals. With that said, let's continue to the installation.

Also, a BIG thanks needs to go out to JGEM for testing, inspiration, ideas, and friendship. And GreenGiant for helping me figure out the wheel problem, you're an awesome modeler man.
Author: Ascendence
Date: May 12, 2009
Game: GTA San Andreas
Make: Dodge
Model: Challenger
Year: 1970-1974
File name:
File size: 1812.0Kb
Downloads: 10514