Dodge Viper  (1992-1995)

Dodge Viper (1992)

Author of the chassis is Gabriel Lopez Cervera

Converted/Mapped/And pertty much everthink eles By Soul_courageous

Some NFSMW textures were used on this model too

About the model:
An engine was built for it using parts from the Viper chassis and from Default San Andreas cars, Then retextured same with the holes I came accross on the model after detaching the doors and bumpers boots etc.. The Reverse Bonnet was done Using the handling flags from one of Jack rabbits Vipers (hope you dont mind this)..
Author: Soul_courageous
Date: April 21, 2009
Game: GTA San Andreas
Make: Dodge
Model: Viper
Year: 1992-1995
File name:
File size: 1174.7Kb
Downloads: 4379