Chevrolet Camaro  (2009-2015)

Chevrolet Camaro Concept (2006)

Special thanks to:

Mr. Taizer - for his comprehensible and available FAQ on modeling in ZModeller
EgoretZ - for support, helps and test.
Sabbath Black - for support, helps and test.
RamireZ - for ripped model.
[H][K][S] - for excellent adjustment
San4ez - for paintjob with fire and eagle
Booster - that has found the canto, listenning which I all has obtained this model.
Pumbars, Basket - for much right advices.

Well and certainly all visitor forum where I dwell and
Author: K1REAL24
Date: January 8, 2009
Game: GTA San Andreas
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Year: 2009-2015
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File size: 3234.9Kb
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